Supporting, Improving, and Securing Education and Government IT and Cloud

About This EcoCast

Education and government environments took a crash course in digital transformation over the last few years – scrambling to enable remote learning environments and to provide all manner of formerly in-person services.

Now schools and government agencies and other public institutions have new challenges. Among them: dealing with hybrid situations as coronavirus variants prompt recurring restrictions; battening down the security of quickly set-up systems; rationalizing the management and use of all those rapidly purchased systems; blocking and/or recovering from ransomware attacks; and handling the continuing flood of new regulations and requirements.

Attend this EcoCast to hear from experts in the field on the latest innovative solutions to these and other issues facing state and local governments and educational institutions.

Why You Should Join

  1. How innovative new tools and solutions can address common challenges government and education institutions face
  2. Best practices to ensure flexibility as teachers, students, workers, and citizens alternately attend or visit schools and government buildings and then spend time remote in case shutdowns reoccur
  3. New techniques and tools for securing public institutions against ransomware and other attacks
  4. Individual answers to your most pressing questions from experts in live Q&A!


  1. Jeramy Kopacko

    Jeramy Kopacko Senior Sales Engineer

  2. Darshan Shah

    Darshan Shah Director of Product Marketing

  3. Shrija Moharar

    Shrija Moharar Inside Sales Engineer

  4. Mark Singh

    Mark Singh Senior Solutions Engineer

  5. Larry Goldman

    Larry Goldman Sr. Product Expert

  6. To Be Announced

    To Be Announced To Be Announced

  7. Tina Thorstenson

    Tina Thorstenson VP, Industry Business Unit & Executive Strategist • Public Sector


All times shown are Eastern Time.

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