Building a Next-Gen IT Environment

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Building a Next-Gen IT Environment
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As organizations continue their digital transformation efforts, their IT environments will also need to undergo continuous transformation to keep pace with the organizational shifts. Even more challenging, the entire concept of the “data center” itself is undergoing its own transformation as organizations continue their hybrid and multi-cloud endeavors that augment their on-premises systems. Suddenly what once was a room with four walls and air conditioning now encompasses locations across the planet. This dynamic opens up innumerable opportunities, but also brings new challenges.

What will these kinds of environments look like? What products and services are available to help organizations support the workloads of today while preparing for the flexibility needed for tomorrow? How can organizations ensure seamless fluidity between on-premises and cloud-based parts of this new data center paradigm?

The ActualTech Media "Building a Next-Gen IT Environment" MegaCast is your opportunity to get answers to all of these questions, and more!

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  1. Learn how to transform your IT environment from inefficient legacy solutions to the latest, most efficient, data center solutions available today
  2. See the next generation data center solutions in action with live demos
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  2. Bei Wang

    Bei Wang Director of Product Marketing

  3. Dane Grace

    Dane Grace Technical Product Manager

  4. Jeff Dickey

    Jeff Dickey Chief Technologist, Cloud and Data Services

  5. Tony Ollivier

    Tony Ollivier Senior Manager, Solution Strategy


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  1. Rubrik
  2. Q&A and Prize Giveaway
  3. RAPID7
  4. Q&A and Prize Giveaway
  1. NetApp
  2. Q&A and Prize Giveaway
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  4. Q&A and Prize Giveaway
Surface Pro 7's

You Could Win...

Attend LIVE & You Could WIN 1 of 5 Surface Pro 7s!