Ransomware Recovery: Best Practices and Products

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Ransomware Recovery: Best Practices and Products
  • KnowBe4
  • Druva
  • Pure Storage
  • Rubrik
  • Sophos
  • Gigamon
  • CrowdStrike
  • Commvault
  • Zerto
  • Kasten
  • HYCU

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Ransomware. The very word raises hackles on the necks of IT admins, security admins, and everyone with responsibility for safeguarding a company’s data. And it’s a threat that seems to grow by the minute, especially in this age of uber-distributed computing that includes the cloud, the edge, the Internet of Things, and so on.

With a new ransomware infection happening every 11 seconds, you can no longer think "it won't happen to me." How will you prevent being infected by ransomware—and if you do get attacked, how rapidly can you restore your data?

Join us on the Ransomware Prevention and Recovery MegaCast to learn about the latest prevention techniques and the best protection and recovery solutions available in the world today!

Here's Why You Should Join:

  1. Find out how ransomware really works and how to prevent it
  2. Learn about innovative data protection and recovery solutions to ensure that, in the worse-case scenario, you are always protected
  3. Get answers to all of your ransomware questions from our security and data protection experts!


  1. Roger Grimes

    Roger Grimes Data-Driven Defense Evangelist

  2. Celeste Kinswood

    Celeste Kinswood Sr. Product Marketing Manager-Data Governance & Security

  3. Andrew Miller

    Andrew Miller Principal Systems Engineer

  4. Joshua Stenhouse

    Joshua Stenhouse Field CTO

  5. Chester Wisniewski

    Chester Wisniewski Principal Research Scientist

  6. Bassam Khan

    Bassam Khan VP of Product & Technical Marketing Engineering

  7. Jason Rivera

    Jason Rivera Global Director of Strategic Threat Advisory Group

  8. David Cunningham

    David Cunningham Senior Product Manager

  9. Andy Fernandez

    Andy Fernandez Senior Product Marketing Manager

  10. Gaurav Rishi

    Gaurav Rishi Vice President Product

  11. Subbiah Sundaram

    Subbiah Sundaram VP Products


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  7. Rubrik
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  9. Sophos
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  11. Gigamon
  1. Q&A and Prize Giveaway
  2. CrowdStrike
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  4. Commvault
  5. Q&A and Prize Giveaway
  6. Zerto
  7. Q&A and Prize Giveaway
  8. Kasten
  9. Q&A and Prize Giveaway
  10. HYCU
  11. Q&A and Prize Giveaway
Apple M1 iPad Pro's

You Could Win...

1 of 5 Apple M1 iPad Pros!

*Wifi only, 12.9" 128gb Model