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Data is the lifeblood of the enterprise and keeping your databases running smoothly and efficiently is essential to the health of your organization.

Throughout this 7-part powerhouse database series from Nutanix, you’ll discover how you can improve every aspect of your critical database services. From massively simplifying database lifecycle management with database-as-a-service to addressing the very infrastructure that supports your databases with HCI – and much more – you’ll discover how Nutanix brings all the gain with no pain to database operations.

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Power Up Your Databases with Hyperconverged Infrastructure

  • Bala Kuchibhotla VP/GM Nutanix Era and Business Critical Apps
  • Gregg Strydom Director of Product Marketing

Ever wondered what a modern, intelligent, automated database solution looks like? What if it could help the business innovate faster, with up to 10X faster dev/test deployment? Imagine consolidating your sprawling databases under a single control plane, radically simplifying database management and reducing TCO by as much as 62%? Or as a DBA, reducing your administration overload by as much as 87%?

Join Nutanix General Manager for Database Business Bala Kuchibhotla as we quiz him on what he sees as the big challenges business, IT, and practioners are facing today. Experience the solution he and his team have developed, starting with DBaaS, which simplifies and automates the database management lifecycle. It's built on Nutanix's industry-leading hypeconvergred infrastructure platform, delivering exceptional performance, scale, availability, and protection for your entire database estate.

Build Your Core with a Hyperconverged Platform for Databases Aug. 11, 2020 @ 3:00 PM EST

  • Chris Paap Solutions Marketing Manager
  • David Teague Technical Marketing Engineer

Join database experts from Nutanix to discover how a hybrid cloud built on hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is the ideal solution for your database workload performance and availability requirements. Learn why database workloads don't require high complexity and infrastructure silos to be enterprise ready. See the path to database environment that can both scale up and out as needed, while simultaneously improving your database availability by 85%. And find out how Nutanix provides the industry's best platform for running all types of database workloads with a custom-built framework that brings one-click operational simplicity to your databases.

Get to know:
• How a hybrid cloud built on hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) can dramatically improve your database workload performance and availability
• Why database workloads don’t require high-complexity, siloed infrastructure to be enterprise ready
• The path to a database environment that can scale up and out while improving your database availability by 85%
• How Nutanix’s industry best platform for running all types of database workloads brings one-click operational simplicity to your databases

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How Databases-as-a-Service Strengthens Your Buisness by Automating Time-consuming, Error-prone Database Administration Tasks Aug. 25, 2020 @ 3:00 PM EST

  • Chris Paap Solutions Marketing Manager
  • Tony Baer Principal
    dbInsight LLC

Today's DBAs are under tremendous pressure to spend less time setting up, maintaining and troubleshooting infrastructure and more on delivering new services. In the search for answers, many enterprises have turned to cloud-based Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) offerings to simplify processes, reduce administrative burdens and free up DBA time. Unfortunately, the promise of simplification from the cloud has come with a catch: enterprises have been required to adopt managed services that only run on the cloud provider's platform. Now enterprises are demanding freedom of choice.

Join Tony Baer, founding principal of dbInsight LLC and Chris Paap, former practitioner and current Solutions Marketing Manager for Nutanix as they discuss why now is the time for DBaaS to truly live up to its promise. Tony will share expert insights into changes in DBaaS market, the future path for DBAs, and why Hybrid Cloud Computing is becoming the default choice for deploying new database infrastructure and re-platforming existing systems. They’ll also dive into how Nutanix’s provider-agnostic DBaaS offering, Era, leverages the power of Nutanix's industry-leading hyperconverged infrastructure platform to deliver a host of benefits for DBAs and their companies.

Get to know:
• How DBAs can reduce time spent on database infrastructure
• Why the full promise of Database-as-a-Service is finally being realized
• Why Hybrid Cloud Computing will be a big part of the future for many DBAs

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