Special Webinar Event Need For Speed: Get Hybrid Cloud Up & Running Quickly


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What You Need to Know

David Davis

Host David Davis

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Sahil Bansal

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Seamlessly run applications on private or public cloud—it’s hybrid cloud done the right way! Legacy IT environments simply don’t have the simplicity or speed you need to launch your hybrid cloud initiatives. So, are you ready to transform?

Rather than purchasing bits and pieces for your hybrid cloud that can create needless silos that can’t even extend to public cloud, you need a solution that eliminates disparate management tools and complexity.

Learn how Nutanix Clusters is your answer to your hybrid cloud dreams in this webinar, helping you unite your private and public cloud worlds.

Here's why you should join:

  • Learn the many ways that hybrid cloud benefits you and your company
  • Discover the right way to do hybrid cloud, which enables real business transformation
  • Learn about the new Nutanix Clusters and what makes it unique
  • Get all your hybrid cloud questions answered from our expert presenter!