Special Webinar Event Hyperconverged Infrastructure Business, Technical, and Financial Fundamentals

What You Need to Know

Scott D. Lowe

Host Scott D. Lowe

ActualTech Media

Are you finding your data center environment difficult to manage? Does it take you too long to deploy new business-critical applications? Are you having troubles supporting complex ROBO, VDI, and data protection needs? Does supporting your core IT assets consume most of your time and budget?

As an increasingly popular data center architecture, hyperconverged infrastructure is emerging as a silver-bullet solution intended to solve even the most difficult data center problems. With its focus on simplicity and changing IT’s financial metrics, hyperconverged infrastructure has the potential to help propel organizations forward in time to an era in which IT is a lean and mean operational machine helping the business maximize its potential.

On This Webinar Event You’ll Discover

  • Discover the business, technical, and financial drivers behind the meteoric rise of hyperconverged infrastructure
  • Find ways by which you can begin to employ hyperconverged infrastructure either all at once or in stages
  • Learn how key business uses cases are a natural fit for this technology