MegaCast By ActualTech Media Securing Your Network and Systems with a Zero Trust Architecture

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Keynote Speaker

Lindsay Kaye

Lindsay Kaye

Vice President of Threat Intelligence, HUMAN Security

About This MegaCast

Adopting a Zero Trust architecture is increasingly recognized as a critical strategy for securing networks and systems in the face of evolving cyber threats. This MegaCast is tailored for IT professionals and managers aiming to implement or enhance Zero Trust frameworks within their organizations.

Participants will be introduced to the foundational principles of Zero Trust, including the importance of "never trust, always verify" and least privilege access. Sessions from leading security companies will cover practical approaches to apply these principles across various layers of IT infrastructure, from endpoints to networks to the cloud. Attendees will learn how to effectively deploy and manage Zero Trust architectures to bolster their security posture.

Why You Should Join:

  1. Understand the core principles of Zero Trust security
  2. Learn practical applications for network and system security
  3. Discover how to move forward in the Zero Trust journey


  1. John Spiegel

    John Spiegel Director of Network Transformation, Field CTO

  2. Jaye Tillson

    Jaye Tillson Director of Strategy (Field CTO)

  3. To Be Announced

  4. Rick Vanover

    Rick Vanover Veeam Product Strategy, Office of the CTO

  5. Stephen Goudreault

    Stephen Goudreault Cloud Security Evangelist


All times shown are Eastern Time.

  1. Guest Speaker
  2. HPE Aruba Networking
  1. Rubrik
  2. Veeam
  1. Gigamon
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1 of 3 Apple Watch Series 9's!

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