EcoCast By ActualTech Media The Cloud-Powered Enterprise: Securing Your Cloud

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Keynote Speaker

Dan Sullivan

Dan Sullivan

Cloud Architect

About This EcoCast

Securing cloud environments is a critical aspect of modern enterprise operations. This event is designed for IT professionals and managers focused on protecting their organization's cloud infrastructure.

Attendees will explore the latest strategies and technologies for cloud security, including identity and access management, data encryption, threat detection, and data security posture management. Experts from leading cloud security companies will provide practical insights into implementing robust security frameworks, ensuring compliance with industry standards, and effectively responding to security incidents with the latest tools.

Get the knowledge you need to secure your cloud environment and maintain the integrity of your data.

Why You Should Join:

  1. Discover cutting-edge cloud security strategies
  2. Learn how to implement robust security frameworks
  3. Get familiar with the latest tools for protecting cloud environments

Event Speakers

  1. Joseph Glover

    Joseph Glover To Be Announced


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