EcoCast By ActualTech Media Securing the Enterprise with Endpoint Protection Platforms

Keynote Speaker

Larry Seltzer

About This EcoCast

Ensuring enterprise security requires a comprehensive approach, with endpoint protection platforms playing a vital role. This EcoCast is designed for IT professionals and managers who need to understand the importance of securing every endpoint within their organization.

Attendees will gain insights into the latest endpoint protection technologies, explore methods for detecting and responding to threats, and best practices for deploying and managing these platforms. Expert presenters from leading endpoint protection companies will provide participants with the knowledge and tools needed to strengthen their organization's endpoint security.

Why You Should Join:

  1. Discover the latest endpoint protection technologies
  2. Learn effective threat detection and response strategies
  3. Explore best practices for deployment and management


  1. Mark Liu

    Mark Liu Director, Technical Account Management

  2. Keanan Ball

    Keanan Ball Senior Product Marketing Director


All times shown are Eastern Time.

  1. Guest Speaker
  2. Tanium
  1. Kaseya