Expert Series By ActualTech Media Protecting Cloud Data: Best Practices to Ensure the Security of Data in AWS, Azure and Microsoft 365


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About This Expert Series

As cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Microsoft 365 become integral to corporate infrastructure, securing cloud data has emerged as a critical concern. "Protecting Cloud Data: Best Practices to Ensure the Security of Data in AWS, Azure, and Microsoft 365" is an event tailored for IT professionals and managers who are responsible for safeguarding their organization's data.

In this session, an independent expert will explore the specific security challenges associated with each platform and offer practical solutions and best practices for effective data protection. The session will include detailed discussions on topics like encryption, access control, threat detection, and incident response, with a focus on customizing these strategies to fit various cloud environments.

You’ll leave equipped with new knowledge for enhancing your cloud security posture.

  1. Melissa Palmer

    Guest Speaker Melissa Palmer

Why You Should Join:

  1. Implement advanced security measures across major cloud services
  2. Customize security strategies for your cloud environment
  3. Engage with an expert in protecting cloud data!