EcoCast By ActualTech Media Securing, Backing up, and Optimizing Kubernetes/Containerized Environments

Keynote Speaker

Trevor Pott

Trevor Pott

Solutions Architect

About This EcoCast

As organizations increasingly adopt containerized environments, the challenges of maintaining security, efficiency, and reliability have become central concerns. "Securing, Backing up, and Optimizing Kubernetes/Containerized Environments" is an expertly curated event that caters to IT professionals and managers seeking to enhance their operational frameworks. This EcoCast will provide an in-depth exploration of the best practices for securing Kubernetes environments, strategies for robust data backup, and techniques for optimizing container performance.

You’ll benefit from sessions led by industry leaders who will share their experiences and insights on overcoming common vulnerabilities and achieving scalability. They’ll explain how cutting-edge tools from innovative companies are making various challenges easier to overcome. This event is an excellent opportunity to deepen your understanding of Kubernetes architecture and to ensure your deployments are both secure and efficient.

Why You Should Join:

  1. Discover innovative strategies for Kubernetes security
  2. Optimize container performance for better efficiency
  3. Engage with experts in containerized technologies


  1. Jonathan Padilla

    Jonathan Padilla Solutions Engineer

  2. James Condon

    James Condon Director of Security Research

  3. Jake Robinson

    Jake Robinson Application Solutions Architect

  4. Kyle Harrington

    Kyle Harrington Senior Principal Solutions Engineer

  5. Felix Melligan

    Felix Melligan Principal Solution Engineer


All times shown are Eastern Time.

  1. Guest Speaker
  2. Keeper Security
  3. Lacework
  1. Rubrik
  2. Dynatrace
  3. Lightbits Labs