EcoCast By ActualTech Media Harnessing the Power of AI/ML to Accelerate Security Analytics

Keynote Speaker

Keith Ward

Keith Ward

Editorial Director & Moderator

About This EcoCast

Security is an arms race between attackers and defenders. Every new technology gets weaponized and integrated into defensive capabilities. The latest component of that race is artificial intelligence. Attackers are using the dramatic improvements in large language models and generative AI to develop new attack techniques and hone existing ones. But defenders are definitely not standing still.

Attend this EcoCast to learn from experts at industry-leading companies in the security space about how they’re incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to bolster their security analytics and other capabilities. You’ll learn how new tools are harnessing the power of AI/ML to improve reaction time and uncover patterns that were previously impossible to discover. Expert speakers will delve into the latest advancements in AI/ML technologies and their applications in detecting and responding to security threats. Find out how you can arm your organization to counter the attackers at this volatile time for IT security!

Why You Should Join:

  1. Discover innovative AI/ML techniques for enhancing security analytics
  2. Gain insights into leveraging AI/ML for threat detection and prediction
  3. Learn practical strategies for implementing AI/ML in security operations


  1. To Be Announced

  2. Jesse Scott

    Jesse Scott Global Cybersecurity Leader GTM

  3. Ely Kahn

    Ely Kahn VP Product Management, Cloud Security and AI/ML

  4. Adriana Corona

    Adriana Corona Director of Product Management, AI/ML

  5. Alex Stamos

    Alex Stamos Chief Trust Officer

  6. Shane Harsch

    Shane Harsch Principal Solution Engineer


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