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November 6


Many IT organizations are feeling pressured by marketing hype to move into the public cloud. However, once they arrive there they soon realize that that public cloud can be much more complex and costly than they anticipated. What IT Organizations need to know is that there are new and innovative ways to leverage the public cloud to make tremendous improvements to on-premises IT. These new solutions bring the benefits of the public cloud to on-prem datacenters. These benefits, normally associated with public cloud, include efficiency, scalability, availability, data protection, and affordability.

Instead of spending months researching many different solutions, what if you could quickly and efficiently learn about the various on-premises cloud solutions and find out what makes each one unique, all in a single event? That’s exactly what you’ll get with the ActualTech Media Cloud MegaCast!

This is your opportunity to educate yourself about what’s happening across the cloud spectrum and to discover solutions to some of your most complex data center issues - from cloud management, to cloud storage, to cloud data protection, and more. Learn from leading vendors how they’re driving positive outcomes for their customers, and how you can leverage cloud services, without having to change your existing processes and products.

David M. Davis Scott D. Lowe Geordie Carswell James Green
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Megacast Presenters

Event Agenda

*All times shown below are Eastern Time

  1. 12:15-12:35pm: Unitrends
  2. 12:40pm: Gift Card Draw #1
  3. 12:40-1:00pm: Zerto
  4. 1:05pm: Grand Prize Draw #1 & #2 Gift Card Draw #2
  5. 1:05-1:25pm: Cohesity
  6. 1:30pm: Gift Card Draw #3
  7. 1:30-1:50pm: Veeam
  1. 1:30-1:50pm: Iland
  2. 1:55pm: Gift Card Draw #4
  3. 1:55-2:15pm: Symantec
  4. 2:20pm: Gift Card Draw #5
  5. 2:20-2:40pm: Cloud Daddy
  6. 2:45pm: Grand Prize Draw #3-5 and Gift Card Draw #6

Win 1 of 5(!) New Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Hybrid Tablets in Black!

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 in Black