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April 25

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 12:00pm Eastern 9:00am Pacific

Whether the IT organization likes it or not, the expectation today is that enterprise applications are always available, "just like those cloud services". However, we know the truth - that 100% availability and high performance is a constant struggle, even for the largest of enterprises. In the "real world" most companies are struggling with overwhelming infrastructure complexity, numerous management silos, and a multitude of incompatible management tools.

What infrastructure administrators really need are the smartest and most innovative tools available to help them conquer the complexity, provide complete visibility, and proactively identify problems in order to prevent downtime and performance bottlenecks before they happen.

If you'd like to see some of the most innovative performance and monitoring solutions for today's enterprise datacenters and have a chance to win some awesome prizes while you get all your questions answered - join us on this fast-paced MegaCast event!


David Davis, Scott D. Lowe, Geordie Carswell & James Green - Partners, ActualTech Media

Megacast Presenters

Event Agenda

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  1. 12:00-12:15pm: Kick-off & Welcome
  2. 12:15-12:35pm: FireMon
  3. 12:40-1:00pm: HPE Storage
  4. 1:00-1:05pm: Grand Prize #1
  5. 1:05-1:25pm: Netapp
  6. 1:25-1:30pm: Grand Prize #2
  7. 1:30-1:50pm: VMware
  8. 1:50-1:55pm: Grand Prize #3
  1. 1:55-2:15pm: Blue Medora
  2. 2:15-2:35pm: Paessler
  3. 2:15-2:20pm: Grand Prize #4
  4. 2:20-2:45pm: Pure Storage + Solarwinds
  5. 2:45-3:05pm: Nutanix
  6. 3:05pm: Grand Prize #5

Win 1 of 5 Macbook Pro 13" Laptops in Space Gray!

1 of 5