Special Webinar Event Define Hero: Less Space. More Power. Save Yourself the Energy.


  • Pure Storage
  • Intel
  • Guest Speaker
  1. Scott Bekker

    Host Scott Bekker Webinar Moderator, ActualTech Media

  2. Kevin Rickson

    Featuring Kevin Rickson Director, Portfolio Marketing, Pure Storage

  3. Eric Duerr

    Featuring Eric Duerr VP, Portfolio Marketing, Pure Storage

  4. Patrick Cassleman

    Featuring Patrick Cassleman Sr. Director, Sustainability Center of Excellence, Intel

  5. Simu Liu

    Featuring Simu Liu Superhero Actor & Author, Guest Speaker

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About This Webinar

With drastically rising energy costs, you can’t afford to ignore the energy that powers your data center. At Pure, we’re making a data-driven, efficient, and sustainable future a reality, with data storage that uses less energy, less space and lasts longer.

Taking a stand on energy efficiency can improve your company’s reputation, protect your business against unpredictable energy markets, improve productivity and save money.

Become the energy-saving hero of your team. Join us December 1, for an exciting presentation where we’ll reveal how to drive energy savings in your storage systems by up to 80% and discuss what defines a hero today.

THEN stick around for an exciting chat with Simu Liu, superhero star and author, as he shares how he defines a hero!