Special Webinar Event Build a Resilient Cloud on Amazon EKS with Portworx


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  • Amazon Web Services
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About This Webinar

Innovative operations teams trust Portworx and Amazon Web Services to ensure that their workloads are deployed in a secure and efficient manner, allowing for focus on key applications and databases.

Join us on December 6 and get relevant tips about how to build a fire-proof strategy for a resilient cloud infrastructure. Attendees will hear from AWS and Portworx experts and will learn more about overcoming the most common challenges for deploying containers in the cloud.

  1. David Davis

    Host David Davis Partner & vExpert, ActualTech Media

  2. Bhavin Shah

    Featuring Bhavin Shah Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, Portworx

  3. Sai Charan Teja Gopaluni

    Featuring Sai Charan Teja Gopaluni Sr. Container Specialist SA, Amazon Web Services

This session will cover proven methods to:

  1. Ensure resiliency for Kubernetes workloads running on AWS
  2. Achieve zero-RPO failover for your applications
  3. Overcome complexity of running clusters at production scal