DRaaS and Ransomware EcoCast

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What You Need to Know

The statistics concerning the number of companies being attacked with ransomware are shocking. Global ransomware damages are predicted to exceed $11.5 Billion by 2019(*). Small companies, large companies, and even our family’s home computers are all being targeted.

As IT Professionals, it’s our job to protect our company’s data from ransomware, from disgruntled employees, and from malicious attackers trying to steal our data from half-way around the world while we’re sleeping. Anymore, it’s not enough to simply put your data on tapes and keep them offsite. Today’s modern enterprises demand continuous protection, instant recovery, high availability, always-on security, and more. Yesterday’s solutions aren’t good enough.

Thankfully, there’s an easy way to learn about the latest disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) offerings, the latest data protection offering, and the latest solutions to prevent ransomware — before it strikes. On the DRaaS and Ransomware Ecocast, you’ll hear from the most innovative solutions available today, get your questions answered, learn a lot, and have a chance to win some valuable prizes.

David Davis

David Davis

Partner & vExpert, ActualTech Media

Mark Jordan

Mark Jordan

Vice President of Technology, Unitrends

Why You Need to Join the DRaaS and Ransomware Ecocast Event

  • Compare the most innovative solutions, in a single session, back to back
  • See live demos of DRaaS and Ransomware prevention solutions
  • Get answers to your DRaaS and Ransomware questions from experts in the industry

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