Battling the Ransomware Scourge: Prevention and Recovery

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About This MegaCast

When things are a bit chaotic, opportunities arise for infiltrators to unleash malware as they seek cracks in an organization's security armor. As organizations shift employees from offices to homes and back again, expect defenses to be less effective and watch for an increase in nefarious ransomware, the scourge of the internet.

This MegaCast will show you where you’re vulnerable to ransomware, and how you’re vulnerable to ransomware. It’s one you don’t want to miss.

Why You Should Join:

  1. Discover the new ways the Bad Guys are attacking you
  2. Learn how to protect your data against these devastating attacks
  3. Get your questions answered by top experts!


  1. Kirsten Stoner

    Kirsten Stoner Product Strategy Technologist

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  5. Apoorva Ravikrishan

    Apoorva Ravikrishan Senior Manager of Product Marketing

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  2. Rubrik
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  2. Recovery Point
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