Triple Threat: When Ransomware Hits Healthcare and How to Defend Your Organization

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About This Vertical EcoCast

Given the sensitivity and the regulation around healthcare data, healthcare organizations are subject to a triple threat when it comes to ransomware.

As CISA described it in a recent report, the triple threat refers to what ransomware actors do after the standard demand for cryptocurrency to decrypt data. They threaten to 1) publicly release stolen sensitive information 2) disrupt the victim's internet access and 3) inform the victim's partners, shareholders, or suppliers about the incident.

That public release sends chills down the spine of every healthcare IT professional. Don't just be afraid! Attend this EcoCast to learn about innovative solutions that are tailored to protect healthcare organizations from ransomware.

Why You Should Join:

  1. Learn more about the tactics and pervasiveness of the triple threat in ransomware
  2. Discover tools and techniques for blocking or minimizing the triple threat in ransomware
  3. Ask questions of top experts in the field!

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  1. Rubrik
  1. 11:11 Systems
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