Managing SaaS: Tools and Services for Keeping Accounts and Data Secure, Costs Under Control, and Maximizing Efficiency

About This EcoCast

The SaaS model delivers unprecedented value to organizations, but there are challenges too. Often departments, and even individual employees, sign up for subscriptions for essential functions without the knowledge or approval of IT. Managing and protecting the dozens or hundreds of SaaS applications in use inside every organization introduces new security challenges for IT pros.

Those challenges include knowing what SaaS applications are in use, ensuring that users aren’t sharing or reusing passwords, being confident that key corporate data stored in SaaS applications is protected in case of outage, and much more.

On the management side, challenges include ensuring the organization is getting appropriate discounts for the number of seats in use, not paying for forgotten subscriptions, optimizing performance for remote workers and branch offices, and many other emerging issues.

Attend this EcoCast to connect with the innovative companies who are solving these and other problems of SaaS security, data protection, cost control, and management!

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  1. Discover innovative tools for managing, security, and controlling cost for SaaS
  2. See and hear about best practices for getting SaaS under control in your environment
  3. Ask your questions of industry experts!


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