Special Webinar Event Tools Top Security Pros Use to Improve Threat Detection & Response Times by Quantifying Your Network Attack Surface

What You Need to Know

Scott D. Lowe

Host Scott D. Lowe

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Your business may be under attack! No, seriously, it’s more than likely that miscreants and malcontents are actively probing your defenses in a search of a weakness they can exploit. To counter these threats, security pros work constantly to better understand possible network-based threat vectors that could explain potential malicious activity. That job is hindered by the fact that firewalls and networks aren’t static; they are constantly changing to meet business needs, but every change brings possible risk.

Modern organizations need tools that can help them understand their exposure in real-time, without having to continually manually scan complex configuration files. They need tools that can help them simulate attacks and discover hidden vulnerabilities. They need to understand the potential impact of an attack. Most importantly, they need to be able to access this kind of information without drowning in constant useless security alerts generated by many rules-based engines.

On Sept 21st FireMon will demonstrate how its Risk Analyzer and Immediate Insight products bring together threat investigation and attack path analysis to accelerate incident response and threat detection. By the end of this event, you will have the knowledge necessary to help your organization improve its security posture.

On this webinar, you will:

  • Discover how you can maintain real-time security understanding without being inundated with useless alerts
  • Learn about the benefits of Immediate Insight and Risk Analyzer and how these tools can help your business grow without risk
  • Find out how risk analytics can overlay data to improve incident response and make like easier for threat hunters
  • Get a demonstration of the right way to manage your organization’s security