Supporting, Improving, and Securing Finance IT and Cloud Environments


  • Zerto
  • Rubrik
  • Ping Identity
  • SIOS
  • Snyk

About This EcoCast

Financial services often have unique needs, challenges and opportunities that don’t apply to other industries. There is a lot to be excited about in the financial world as new technologies open up faster, more agile and more personalized experiences for employees and customers alike.

And yes, it is worth being aware of the Wild West style bank robbing bad actors out there, but it is also a time to think get excited about the enhancements and opportunities that new tools are enabling in the financial industry. Innovative solutions and strategies that will help your organization level up, maintain compliance and develop a robust security program.

Join us for an exciting EcoCast that will cover everything your organization needs to know about the trends, best practices, and innovative solutions that are supercharging the financial industry.

  1. Mike Nassis

    Featuring Mike Nassis Product Marketing Manager Zerto

  2. Mark Murphy

    Featuring Mark Murphy Sr. Sales Engineer Rubrik

  3. Aubrey Turner

    Featuring Aubrey Turner Executive Advisor Ping Identity

  4. Todd Doane

    Featuring Todd Doane SIOS Solution Architect High Availability for the Financial Services Industry

  5. Ashish Rajan

    Featuring Ashish Rajan Principal Cloud Security Advocate Snyk

What You'll Learn

  1. Identify solutions to help yopur orgnization level up
  2. Define a robust security program that meets your compliemce needs
  3. How an enhanced cloiud environment can help your organization stay agile and secure