EcoCast By ActualTech Media Endpoint Management and Protection Tools


  • Sophos
  • Huntress Labs
  • CyberArk

About This EcoCast

Endpoints are a significant point of entry into corporate computing environments. Whether those endpoints are desktops, laptops, tablets, terminals, smartphones, printers, or other devices, they are among the easiest places for attackers to gain access.

When attackers do break in, it's bad in several ways. Productivity suffers when the devices are bricked by an attack or locked down for a security emergency. Data can be compromised from endpoints that can then pose a competitive, financial, or compliance risk. Finally, the endpoints can serve as a jumping off point for the attacker into the rest of the organization's assets. Of course, security isn't the only issue. The proliferation of devices means effective tools for management of endpoints can save the IT department time, money, and effort.

Attend this EcoCast to hear about innovative solutions that can dramatically improve your endpoint management and protection.

  1. Matt Hickey

    Featuring Matt Hickey Senior Director, Sales Engineering Sophos

  2. Dmitriy Kumets

    Featuring Dmitriy Kumets Principal Product Manager Huntress Labs

  3. Andrey Pozhogin

    Featuring Andrey Pozhogin Senior Product Marketing Manager – Endpoint CyberArk

What You'll Learn

  1. Pick up best practices for getting your endpoints under control
  2. Learn about the latest attack techniques targeting endpoints, and how to defeat the bad actors
  3. Discover innovative tools for managing and protecting endpoints
  4. Get your questions answered by expert presenters!