Harnessing the Power of AI/ML to Accelerate Analytics, Business, and IT Operations


  • Progress Software
  • Pure Storage
  • Glean

About This EcoCast

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are expanding their capabilities rapidly. Because of that progress, AI and ML are making their way into all aspects of our lives and work environments, with IT and business operations being two of the sweet spots.

From AI-assisted security to machine learning tools that help maintain customer satisfaction, these tools are only going to become a more significant part of the landscape.

Attend this EcoCast to hear from innovative companies whose AI, ML, or AIOps tools address pressing IT or business challenges.

  1. Katalina Babeva

    Featuring Katalina Babeva Product Manager Progress Software

  2. Justin Emerson

    Featuring Justin Emerson Principal Technology Evangelist Pure Storage

  3. Eddie Zhou

    Featuring Eddie Zhou Founding Engineer Glean

What You'll Learn

  1. Learn how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies are maturing
  2. Find out where AI/ML tools are making important inroads in IT departments
  3. Hear about best practices for implementing AI/ML/AIOps in your organization
  4. Get your questions answered by expert presenters!