2017 Data Protection Megacast: Evaluate 8 Top Solutions Back-To-Back

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What You Need to Know

Data protection – backup, replication, business continuity, monitoring – is not always considered an IT pro’s most exciting work, but it is one of the most critical services provided by the IT organization. As businesses increasingly rely on technology systems to get work done, the importance of data protection continues to grow. If disaster strikes, the business needs to be able to respond very quickly.

Making matters even more challenging is the fact that there are many different approaches to data protection and that different people even define “data protection” differently than others. Some see data backup as the definition while others see data protection as a spectrum of services rather than just one niche need.

Moreover, every company has unique needs around data protection. Some want to do just basic off-site backups while others want complete hot-site disaster recovery and business continuity services included in their data protection portfolios.

There are a whole lot of vendors with a lot of solutions around data protection. Do you truly understand what each of them brings to the table and how they each address different aspects of the data protection spectrum?

This ActualTech Media Data Protection MegaCast is your opportunity to get deep understanding of various approaches and gain knowledge about how you can help your company do everything possible to stay protected.

See you live on July 26th!

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