Protecting, Supporting, and Enabling AWS, Azure, and GCP Environments


  • Rubrik
  • HYCU
  • Palo Alto Networks

About This Tech Talks

The three major cloud platforms – AWS, Azure and GCP – bring a lot of value and functionality to the table. But none is a panacea.
Each of the major clouds has significant holes, areas where bare-boned functionality is all that’s offered, and places where Amazon, Microsoft and Google all rely on industry partners to deliver vertical or specialized functionality.
Attend this Tech Talk to hear ATM's expert moderators interview industry experts about innovative solutions that bolster, enhance, or extend the major clouds in essential ways.

  1. Scott Bekker

    Host Scott Bekker Webinar Moderator, ActualTech Media

  2. Leo Vela

    Featuring Leo Vela Inside Sales Engineer, Rubrik

  3. Andy Fernandez

    Featuring Andy Fernandez Director of Product Marketing, HYCU

  4. Greg Smith

    Featuring Greg Smith Senior Product Marketing Manager, Palo Alto Networks

What You'll Learn

  1. Gain knowledge about common problems organizations run into with the public clouds
  2. Discover best practices for improving migration to, performance in, and security of major clouds
  3. Find out about innovative tools and solutions for protecting, supporting, and enabling your data and applications in hyperscaler clouds