Securing Your Borders: Evolving Each Layer of Your Security Program


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About This MegaCast

Security is more complicated than ever.

Most organizations still have traditional networks, traditional datacenter assets, and employees inside the network. All those resources must be protected by iterating and innovating on the tried-and-true methods.

At the same time, there's the public cloud, the cloud applications (SaaS), and the remote workers, all presenting new and different attack surfaces. Add to that the hybrid nature of many applications, which reach both inside the data center and out to the cloud, and there's a lot to secure.

Attend this MegaCast to hear from top experts at innovative companies as they describe modern solutions for locking down the boundaries and individual layers of your environment.

What You'll Learn

  1. Learn about solutions from firewalls to SIEM to SSO to MFA to intelligence services
  2. Discover how security solutions fit together to make your overall environment safer
  3. Brush up on common misconfigurations and pitfalls that can open your environment to attack
  4. Get answers to your toughest security questions from expert presenters!