Streamlining, Securing, and Protecting Cloud, IT, and Business Operations


  • Rubrik
  • Kasten
  • Zerto
  • Cohesity
  • Metallic, A Commvault Venture
  • Axis Security
  • Censys

About This Discovery Days

IT pros and decision makers must prioritize continuous improvement, well, continuously. The job requires constant vigilance for new opportunities to make IT environments more efficient, more secure, and better at serving the needs of the business.

And it requires constant effort because the pace of innovation is furious. On-premises hardware, from blade servers to storage arrays to various appliances, is being iterated constantly. And the pace is even faster for cloud infrastructure platforms to SaaS applications, where the release cycle is measured in days, if not hours. The relative strength of one product or product category can change in weeks, as upstarts absorb functionality and upend classifications.

Get a handle on the latest across the entire IT ecosystem by attending a Discovery Days event. You’ll hear overviews of solutions on Day 1, and then have an opportunity to take a deeper dive on the ones that most interest you on Day 2.

  1. Leo Vela

    Featuring Leo Vela Inside Sales Engineer, Rubrik

  2. Adam Bergh

    Featuring Adam Bergh Cloud Native Technical Partnerships, Kasten

  3. Anthony Dutra

    Featuring Anthony Dutra Technical Marketing Engineer, Zerto

  4. Nikitha Omkar

    Featuring Nikitha Omkar Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Cohesity

  5. Chris Wiborg

    Featuring Chris Wiborg Vice President of Product Marketing, Cohesity

  6. Matt Waxman

    Featuring Matt Waxman Chief Solutions Officer, Cohesity

  7. Zack Brigman

    Featuring Zack Brigman Senior Product Marketing Manager, Metallic, A Commvault Venture

  8. Dan Parelskin

    Featuring Dan Parelskin VP of Solution Architecture, Axis Security

  9. Kaz Greene

    Featuring Kaz Greene Product Marketing Manager, Censys

Why You Should Join

  1. Get up to speed on dozens of product categories in Day 1
  2. Be inspired by new approaches to common IT problems
  3. Learn best practices for streamlining and security of IT and business operations
  4. Ask your most pressing questions in small-group settings on Day 2!