Building a Robust Security Awareness Program


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About This MegaCast

Individual people are now the front line of security. Attackers have known this new truth for a few years, and organizations around the world are coming to grips with it.

No matter how sophisticated the filtering, monitoring, and blocking tools, some traffic must get through to the business end users, who must act on incoming messages to do their jobs. And that connection will always be a target of attackers. That makes security awareness programs one of the most essential components in the information security framework of every organization.

Attend this MegaCast to learn about the latest, training programs and tools to help your end users maintain their own security.

What You'll Learn

  1. Learn about the latest attack techniques targeting end users
  2. Discover best practices for training end users to protect themselves from phishing and other techniques
  3. Find out about tools that help flag dangerous messages for end user
  4. Get your questions answered by the experts!