Supercharging Your Microsoft On-premises and Cloud Services


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  • Incorta
  • Microsoft
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About This MegaCast

Microsoft operating systems, clouds, and services power much of the modern enterprise. Make sure yours is operating at maximum capacity by attending this MegaCast!

Whether you’re looking to improve the performance of a SQL Server database on premises, a platform-as-a-service app in Azure, a containerized application in Kubernetes, or the performance of your Teams environment, you’re sure to come away with valuable tips and tricks, as well as ideas about tools, for your Microsoft environment.

Join this special event to get up to speed on the latest tools and techniques for improving the performance of your Microsoft software and services!

What You'll Learn

  1. Learn best practices for maximizing Microsoft performance, security, and data protection
  2. See tools for improving efficiency in administering Microsoft in the cloud and on-premises
  3. Get your most pressing questions answered by experts!