From the Data Center to the Cloud: Optimizing and Monitoring IT Infrastructure


  • Turbonomic
  • Scale Computing
  • Rubrik
  • Gigamon
  • NetApp

About This EcoCast

The infrastructure estate that you’re responsible for is more expansive than it’s ever been. There are some elements in the data center, others in a private cloud, still others in public cloud infrastructure, and more in SaaS applications.

One thing that can be a huge help is tools for optimizing and monitoring all that infrastructure in as unified a fashion as possible.

Attend this EcoCast for a peek at solutions to these and other related problems. We’ll bring together tool and service providers who can help you solve the problems of optimizing and monitoring your IT infrastructure wherever it lives.

  1. Tom Murphy

    Featuring Tom Murphy Chief Marketing Officer Turbonomic

  2. Asena Hertz

    Featuring Asena Hertz Senior Director, Product Marketing Turbonomic

  3. Alan Conboy

    Featuring Alan Conboy Office of the CTO Scale Computing

  4. Drew Russell

    Featuring Drew Russell Technical GTM Lead - SaaS and Cloud Rubrik

  5. Martyn Crew

    Featuring Martyn Crew Sr Director, Solutions and Partner Technologies Gigamon

  6. Jeff Dickey

    Featuring Jeff Dickey Chief Technologist, Cloud and Data Services NetApp

  7. Charlie Klein

    Featuring Charlie Klein Sr. Manager of Observability

What You'll Learn

  1. Learn how to optimize infrastructure in the cloud and on-premises
  2. Find out how to simplify monitoring applications and data in a diverse array of locations
  3. Get your questions answered by top experts in the field