Protecting Endpoints: Human and Technical Solutions


  • KnowBe4
  • Sophos
  • Huntress Labs
  • RAPID7
  • CrowdStrike
  • Duo Security
  • CyberArk

About This EcoCast

The endpoint is the new front line in the battle against cyberattacks. As the variety and sophistication of attacks proliferates, organizations need equally varied and sophisticated defenses.

When you’re tasked with protecting your organization, endpoint security can be one of the toughest challenges. With remote work and increasing BYOD, locking down clients and even knowing what users have installed (and patched) is harder than ever.

Attend this EcoCast to learn about innovative technology approaches, defenses against emerging threats, updates of foundational security tools, effective training programs for end users, monitoring and alerting tools, and more!

Get the information you need right now to stop endpoint attacks in their tracks.

  1. James McQuiggan

    Featuring James McQuiggan Security Awareness Advocate, KnowBe4

  2. Kris Wayman

    Featuring Kris Wayman Manager, Global Sales Engineering, Sophos

  3. Shane Rose

    Featuring Shane Rose Security Engineer, Huntress Labs

  4. Andrew Flint

    Featuring Andrew Flint Lead Product Manager, RAPID7

  5. Bulut Ersavas

    Featuring Bulut Ersavas Senior Manager Product Management, RAPID7

  6. Jason Wood

    Featuring Jason Wood Senior Researcher, Tactical Intelligence, CrowdStrike

  7. Ganesh Umapathy

    Featuring Ganesh Umapathy Product Marketing Manager, Duo Security

  8. Adam Markert

    Featuring Adam Markert Solutions Architect, CyberArk

What You'll Learn

  1. Find out about innovative new technologies and approaches for endpoint protection
  2. Learn about ways to improve your visibility into endpoint environments
  3. Get answers to all your questions from expert presenters