Defense in Depth: Exploring the Elements of a Layered Security Program


  • KnowBe4
  • 1Password
  • Okta
  • SimSpace
  • AttackIQ
  • Duo Security
  • Rubrik
  • RAPID7
  • Zerto
  • Cohesity

About This Summit

One of the most essential concepts in IT security is defense in depth and layered security. With tools constantly changing and evolving, you need to regularly make sure all your layers are covered.

Join us on this virtual summit to learn from top security vendors about all the elements you need to ensure that you have overlapping protections. Discover the latest and greatest security controls that will help keep attackers and malicious insiders from finding holes that allow them to compromise your systems.

You’ll get in-depth details on cutting edge developments with individual layers, such as firewalls, VPNs, anti-malware, and MFA from the most innovative providers in the market. Then you’ll also see techniques and tools for stitching those layers together into a protective whole. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to ensure your comprehensive security posture is complete and up to date!

  1. Roger Grimes

    Featuring Roger Grimes Data-Driven Defense Evangelist, KnowBe4

  2. Alex Ash

    Featuring Alex Ash Marketing Campaigns Manager, 1Password

  3. Ryan Terry

    Featuring Ryan Terry Sr. Solutions Product Marketing Manager, Okta

  4. David Berliner

    Featuring David Berliner Director of Security Strategy, SimSpace

  5. Ben Opel

    Featuring Ben Opel Senior Director, Customer Solutions Engineering, AttackIQ

  6. J. Wolfgang Goerlich

    Featuring J. Wolfgang Goerlich Advisory CISO, Duo Security

  7. Tracy Ator

    Featuring Tracy Ator Inside Sales Engineer, Rubrik

  8. Lonnie Best

    Featuring Lonnie Best Manager, Detection & Response Services, RAPID7

  9. Andy Fernandez

    Featuring Andy Fernandez Senior Product Marketing Manager, Zerto

  10. Raj Dutt

    Featuring Raj Dutt Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Cohesity

What You'll Learn

  1. Find out about the latest innovative tools across each standard layer of security and about tools that integrate layers
  2. See thought-provoking demos of innovative security tools
  3. Get answers to all of your questions from expert presenters