Special Webinar Event Why Every Enterprise Needs a Cold Data Storage Strategy


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About This Webinar

Data growth is far outpacing storage budget growth, and the gap is going to widen over the next few years. At the same time, digital transformation initiatives, A/I, and machine learning are presenting new opportunities to re-use data, so data must remain accessible for years and decades. How can enterprises solve this budget gap, and at the same time make it easier to access and re-use data? The answer lies in a cold storage strategy, based on what some of the world’s largest hyperscalers have done.

According to analyst firm IDC, it is expected that 60% of all data being stored is “cold” – inactive data that has a high value must be kept for years and decades, and is accessed very infrequently. In this short webinar, Quantum will explain a breakthrough as-a-Service offering that can reduce cold storage costs by up to 80%, and enable organizations to unlock more value in their large data sets.

About Quantum

At Quantum, we believe it's time to shift the focus from accumulating data to making it work much harder. It’s a new data reality that’s endlessly alive. It’s massively growing, widely distributed, unstructured, and it’s gaining value at every turn. Your video and unstructured data not only need to be fully protected, but it is also full of possibility. Quantum partners with you so you can shape it, use it, and transform it into the information you need to drive forward. With Quantum, you can enrich, orchestrate, protect, and archive your video and unstructured data, securely and at scale—now and for decades to come.

  1. David Davis

    Host David Davis Partner & vExpert, ActualTech Media

  2. Eric Bassier

    Featuring Eric Bassier Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Quantum

What You'll Learn

  1. Learn how the world’s biggest cloud providers have architected large data archives – and how you can now take advantage of the same architecture
  2. Learn how this new class of storage from Quantum can reduce cold storage costs by up to 80%, savings millions of dollars over even a few years
  3. Hear about additional resources you can access to learn more