Special Webinar Event Fortify Your Ransomware Resilience With Cloud Disaster Recovery


  • Druva

About This Webinar

21 days - The avg. downtime from a ransomware attack in Q4 2020 (+11% vs. Q3)*

With a recent increase in the number, sophistication, and cost of ransomware attacks IT leaders are looking into strategies that will reduce the risk and potentially disastrous implications of an attack to the business. A modern disaster recovery (DR) plan for your data center and cloud workloads can enable substantially faster recovery and minimize the financial impact of downtime and lost data to your organization.

Updating your DR plan and building resilience to ransomware is easier than ever with the power of the public cloud.

  1. Scott Bekker

    Host Scott Bekker Webinar Moderator, ActualTech Media

  2. Peter Elliman

    Featuring Peter Elliman Director of Product Marketing, Druva

  3. Steven Duff

    Featuring Steven Duff Marketing Manager, Druva

What You'll Learn

  1. How increased threats & regulations are driving changes in data protection strategies
  2. How the public cloud can transform your data center DR approach
  3. What to consider when evaluating your DR options
  4. How Cloud DR can help you quickly recover from a ransomware attack