Special Webinar Event Supercharge your Infrastructure AND your Balance Sheet!


  • Pure Storage

About This Webinar

You can now deploy, manage, protect, and pay for your cloud-smart infrastructure from a single interface: Introducing the new X-Series FlashStack®️ & FlashStack®️ as-a-Service, a full stack AI-based, Software-Defined, Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure, delivered as a true flexible consumption utility.

FlashStack & FSaaS are managed together by Intersight, a single, integrated "control panel" for real-time operational and financial management.

And of course FlashStack-based Infrastructure remains one the the most secure environments for your business-critical data, with Rapid Restore from anywhere to anywhere, immutable Safemode Snapshots & best-of-breed Ransomware protection.

  1. David Davis

    Host David Davis Partner & vExpert, ActualTech Media

  2. Andrew Miller

    Special Guest Andrew Miller Principal Systems Engineer, Pure Storage

  3. Eugene McGrath

    Featuring Eugene McGrath Field Solutions Architect, Pure Storage

  4. Carlo Grisolia

    Featuring Carlo Grisolia Business Development Specialist, Pure Storage

  5. Brian Ferrar

    Featuring Brian Ferrar Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager, Pure Storage

What You'll Learn

  1. Both FlashStack & FlashStack as-a-Service are software-defined from top to bottom, and management and provisioning of both is now AI-based.
  2. The new FlashStack architecture has been designed from the ground-up for Hybrid Cloud simplicity and flexible consumption. FlashStack is the simplest, most efficient way to deploy & manage Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure.
  3. FlashStack as-a-Service is part of the oldest and most mature Storage as-a-Service portfolio, and means you'll never be without needed capacity, but you'll only pay for what you consume.