Special Webinar Event Ransomware Protection: How to Recover Your Business


  • Recovery Point
  • Veeam

Is Your Company Prepared For the Worst-Case Scenario?

In the age of growing attacks, Cybersecurity has become increasingly critical as ransomware threats continue to cause billions of dollars in damage. No company or industry is fully protected against an attack. However with careful planning and the right partners, your company need not fall prey to ransomware. Join Recovery Point and Veeam to hear how you can prevent threats that could bring your business down.

About Recovery Point

Recovery Point is a leading US provider of IT secure and compliant infrastructure and business resilience services, supporting all technology environments, from the mainframe to the desktop.

  1. David Davis

    Host David Davis Partner & vExpert, ActualTech Media

  2. Mike Zollmann

    Special Guest Mike Zollmann Senior Systems Engineer, Veeam

  3. Jeff Judy

    Featuring Jeff Judy Chief Cloud Architect, Recovery Point

What You'll Learn

  1. Training employees to identify potential threats can lower risk
  2. Leveraging immutable backup storage can help when production data is compromised
  3. Adding Disaster Recovery planning and best practices can protect against threat