Q4 Enterprise Storage: Seven Hot Solutions Back-to-Back

Over $10,000 in total megacast event prizes!


  • Unitrends
  • Cohesity
  • Nutanix
  • Igneous
  • Veeam + IBM
  • ClearSky Data
  • Scale Computing

About This MegaCast

In the past, it was enough to keep your growing storage infrastructure running by adding new disks and provisioning new LUNs over the typical 3-5 year storage growth cycle. No more. Today, enterprise storage is a new ball game. Datacenters are seeing exponential storage growth while, at the same time, demands for more lower costs and less storage staff. The answer is smarter, more efficient, enterprise storage solutions that make management easier and, at the same time, provide lower total cost ownership.
Storage innovation in high gear with even more options and solutions from which to choose. You've got multi-cloud storage solutions, hyperconverged storage solutions, and more! But, how do you evaluate all of these options? This Enterprise Storage Megacast is your opportunity to consider solutions from top storage innovators, each with a unique story to tell. This event is your opportunity to gain deep insight into the Q4 storage market all in just a couple of hours.

For this special Storage Megacast, we’ve got a great lineup of expert presenters. You’ll hear from Unitrends, who provides some of the most advanced protection for your critical data. Next, Nutanix will demonstrate their continued innovation in hyperconverged infrastructure and enterprise cloud solutions. Cohesity will educate you on secondary storage and why this quickly emerging segment of the market is a critical importance to the enterprise. Igneous will bring you up to speed on their hybrid cloud storage for consolidated backup and tell you how their cloud integration provides a unique differentiation. From there, Scale Computing will explain why new storage technology means buying a new SAN is going to be a bad investment. Veeam and IBM will join us to discuss their new joint cloud-based data protection solution. Finally, ClearSky Data will showcase their Storage as a Service solution and teach you how you can consume storage differently and more cost-effectively.

See you live on December 6th !!

What You'll Learn

  1. Find out the latest in enterprise storage from today’s hottest storage innovators.
  2. Expert presenters with years of enterprise storage experience, ready to answer your questions.
  3. Solutions to your greatest storage challenges, today and in the future.
  4. Discover how each vendor tackles the biggest storage challenges facing organizations today: simplicity, scalability, and cost.