Special Webinar Event Security at Every Stage: 3 Steps to Take Your Organization from DevOps to DevSecOps


  • Taos

About This Webinar

Hardening security vulnerabilities is critical in the current threat landscape, and a top priority for every organization should be building security practices into the software development cycle through DevSecOps. But while most organizations are adopting a DevOps culture, there are vital factors that need to be in place to fully adopt DevSecOps methodologies.

Join DevOps experts Dennis Ruzeski, Craig Knapik, and Carissa Morrow of Taos, an IBM Company, for this in-depth conversation about development lifecycle risks, security practices, and the important steps needed to take an organization from DevOps to DevSecOps.

  1. David Davis

    Host David Davis Partner & vExpert, ActualTech Media

  2. Dennis Ruzeski

    Special Guest Dennis Ruzeski Manager of DevOps Engineering, Taos

  3. Craig Knapik

    Featuring Craig Knapik Senior Product Manager, Taos

  4. Carissa Morrow

    Featuring Carissa Morrow DevOps Engineer III, Taos