Special Webinar Event Six Reasons Anthos Enables Multi-cloud


  • Taos
  • Google Cloud

About This Webinar

Discover how to simplify managing your application landscape, control your cloud spend and maintain regulatory compliance in a secure environment. Google Cloud Anthos brings your on-premises and multi-cloud deployments together. Anthos also provides centralized visibility and insight that enables informed business decisions to facilitate business growth. Anthos is all you need to optimize IT operations, modernize apps development and rationalize operational expenses.

  1. David Davis

    Host David Davis Partner & vExpert, ActualTech Media

  2. Robert Croteau

    Special Guest Robert Croteau Principal Consultant, Taos

  3. Marc Hall

    Special Guest Marc Hall Director, Google Platform Delivery, Taos

  4. Clayton Harrison

    Special Guest Clayton Harrison National Google Alliance Manager, Taos

  5. John Bacon

    Featuring John Bacon AppMod lead Partner Engineering, Google Cloud

What You'll Learn

  1. You'll learn how to simplify your management, spend, and regulatory compliance.
  2. You'll hear the latest on Google Cloud Anthos and how it can help optimize your operations.
  3. You'll get answers to all your questions!