Enterprise Cloud: 9 Cloud Solutions Back-to-Back

$10,000 in total megacast event prizes!


  • Tintri
  • Stratoscale
  • Ixia
  • Cloudistics
  • Hypergrid
  • Zerto
  • Pure Storage
  • NetApp
  • Veeam + PhoenixNAP
  • Unitrends


Are you tired of hearing about “the cloud”? Marketers spew “Blah Blah Blah Cloud Cloud Cloud” all the time, am I right? While the marketing fluff around the cloud is everywhere, on the other hand, we all know that “cloud”, in some shape or form, is the future of IT. Every company needs to innovate and become more “cloud-like” in their IT services, even if they adopt private cloud instead of hybrid cloud.

Since the term “cloud” means different things to different people and it can get really, really confusing when you’re looking at yet more products being marketed under the cloud moniker. You need to understand the options you have at your disposal and understand how to differentiate them so that you can properly categorize new products as they come on the market. You also need to understand how companies are extending products you already have to help you leverage cloud services without having to change your existing processes and products.

So what are the latest cloud innovations for the enterprise? How can they get your enterprise to become more cloud-like and create the IT as a Service (ITaaS) organization of the future? And how can you cut through all the cloud marketing fluff and learn the technology as quickly as possible?

Join us on the Enterprise Cloud Megacast on August 16th, 2017 to do exactly that!


What You'll Learn

  1. Learn a variety of approaches to enterprise cloud and how they can help you
  2. Find out how to make your enterprise cloud efficient, scalable, and elastic
  3. See the latest innovations in enterprise / hybrid cloud technology
  4. Learn how to leverage AWS and Azure for computing, storage, and data protection