Software-Defined Data Center: Compare Six SDDC Solutions Back-to-Back

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Not all that long ago, you probably began your journey to the software defined data center, but you might not have even known you were doing it.  By adopting virtualization, you moved your company from physical servers to software-defined ones, unlocking magical capabilities that truly transformed what was possible with IT.

In recent years, the market has moved far beyond servers and we’re well on our way toward the softwareization of all the things in the data center.  Your storage is becoming software defined.  Powerful networking capabilities are being revealed as software defined networks continue to hit the market.

With unprecedented levels of capability and flexibility, we’re at just the very tip of what’s possible with a data center completely led by software.  Now, you can think about incredibly deep and powerful automation and orchestration and you can very easily add new capabilities to the environment via simple software updates.

The ActualTech Media Software-Defined Data Center MegaCast is your opportunity to educate yourself about what’s happening in this burgeoning market and discover solutions to some of your most complex data center issues. Learn from seven leading vendors how they’re driving positive outcomes for their customers.

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