2017 Ransomware & DRaaS: Evaluate 8 Top Solutions Back-To-Back

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  • Arcserve
  • Veeam + Global DataVault
  • Hosting
  • Zerto
  • Unitrends
  • Iland
  • KnowBe4
  • Infrascale
  • Nexsan

About This MegaCast

No matter who you are, whether it’s your company’s data or your personal data, your worse nightmare is that you wake up one day and your data is gone. Perhaps there was an unexpected disaster like a fire or electrical surge. Perhaps your data was corrupted due to some kind of upgrade. Or perhaps a malicious attacker stole your company’s data and posted it on the Internet. No matter what group you work in, in IT, if any of those things happen your job is on the line and your company’s future looks bleak. Because of that, it doesn’t matter what you do in technology, protecting your company’s data is part of your job. The problem is that data protection is so broad and there are new advancements, seemingly, every day. There’s a lot more to it than simply “having backups”. Even disaster recovery experts have to work hard to keep pace with the rapidly changing advancements in cloud data protection and ransomware protection.
Thankfully there are new solutions for IT organizations where they can combine cloud and data protection technologies to provide the “best of both worlds” in disaster recovery, called Disaster Recovery as a Service, or DRaaS. With DRaaS a company’s data is securely replicated to the DRaaS provider and critical applications can be brought up in seconds or minutes. DRaaS provides companies of all sizes the ultimate in disaster recovery protection from both catastrophic disasters all the way to security breaches like ransomware.
In this disaster recovery as a service and ransomware event, you’ll learn about 6 of the most innovative solutions, in rapid-fire succession. You’ll learn about multiple ways to protect your data, from a variety of different angles. Even better, you’ll get answers to your DRaaS and ransomware questions from experts in those domains, on this live event. Don’t let your company be at the top of the headline news with the next massive unplanned outage or data breach! Join us on this unique event, educate yourself about what’s happening across the DRaaS spectrum, and to learn from the leading experts about how they’re addressing your most critical data protection challenges.

What You'll Learn

  1. Eight different innovative enterprise disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) and ransomware solutions, in rapid-fire succession, in a single event
  2. Unique DRaaS solutions that protect you from your company from disaster and attacks like ransomware
  3. Cool demos of DRaaS and ransomware solutions, in action!
  4. Answers to all your data protection and ransomware questions from experts