Special Webinar Event Get on the Fast-Track to Zero Trust Segmentation


  • Illumio

Accelerate and Simplify your Ability to Enforce Security Policy

Attackers continue to successfully incite cyber disasters at organizations rely on dated, legacy approaches to security, as proven by rising ransomware attacks and other global-scale breaches. It is time to move from theoretical strategic thinking to implementation and enforcement.

We can help to accelerate your Zero Trust Segmentation journey with a new approach to how you manage your segmentation security policy. Illumio Core allows your organization to safely create security policy at scale on time, simplify cloud migrations, and expand the scope of your Zero Trust Architecture.

Join us to hear how Illumio Core will help guide you on your journey to Zero Trust success.

  1. David Davis

    Host David Davis Partner & vExpert, ActualTech Media

  2. Nathanael Iversen

    Special Guest Nathanael Iversen Chief Evangelist, Illumio

  3. Raghu Nandakumara

    Featuring Raghu Nandakumara Field CTO, EMEA/APAC, Illumio

  4. Trevor Dearing

    Featuring Trevor Dearing Director of Product Marketing, Illumio

What You'll Learn

  1. Use segmentation to achieve your Zero Trust strategy quickly and securely
  2. Progressively deploy security across the hybrid cloud
  3. Build security policies at scale for the computing environment that can make the difference between success and failure
  4. Eliminate security silos to help you reduce risk, lower cost, and save time to deploy for Zero Trust