Special Webinar Event Modern Data Protection


  • Rubrik
  • NetApp

About This Webinar

In today's digital world, data is growing faster than ever before. Enterprises are dealing with the colossal task of managing large amounts of disparate data across applications, on-premises environments, and the cloud. And as data protection becomes a growing concern, enterprises need to develop a comprehensive strategy for managing and protecting their data, while also addressing challenges with security, compliance, governance, and more.

Please join Adam Fox, Sr. Solutions Architect at Rubrik, and Jonathan Leafty, Data Protection Solutions Architect at NetApp, to learn how Rubrik and NetApp create the perfect data management cocktail.

  1. David Davis

    Host David Davis Partner & vExpert, ActualTech Media

  2. Adam Fox

    Special Guest Adam Fox Senior Solutions Architect, Rubrik

  3. Jonathan Leafty

    Special Guest Jonathan Leafty Data Protection Solutions Architect, NetApp

What You'll Learn

  1. Build an effective data management hierarchy
  2. Secure your data from ransomware attacks
  3. Implement proper compliance and governance procedures
  4. Generate maximum value from your enterprise data