Special Webinar Event Tips and Tricks for Remote Workforce Management


  • ActivTrak

About This Webinar

As more organizations transition to having employees working from home on a regular basis, it’s important to continue to achieve the same levels of productivity and profitability while also ensuring compliance and security.

In this webcast, we’ll cover how the ActivTrak platform helps organizations embrace remote work arrangements with confidence by providing insight into productivity, technology usage, compliance risks and more.

  1. David Davis

    Host David Davis Partner & vExpert, ActualTech Media

  2. Mark Allen

    Special Guest Mark Allen Head of Customer Experience, ActivTrak

What You'll Learn

  1. Gain visibility into working hours and remote team coverage
  2. Ensure healthy work habits by assessing burnout risk and workload balance
  3. View time spent by app category, like virtual meetings, chat, email, office, etc.
  4. Manage application license costs and cloud app proliferation
  5. Ensure adherence to compliance and data privacy policies