Special Webinar Event Beyond DevOps:

Using AI To Get Kubernetes No-Ops


  • Opsani

About This Webinar

The only way to achieve NoOps is to harness the power of AI. NoOps known as “no operations” is the nirvana where there is a fully automated system resulting in no more manual operations. Opsani COaaS enables Kubernetes-based DevOps to be one step closer to NoOps with AI and ML autonomous optimization of containerized applications.

  1. David Davis

    Host David Davis Partner & vExpert, ActualTech Media

  2. Peter Nickolov

    Special Guest Peter Nickolov CTO & Co-Founder, Opsani

  3. Eric Kalosa-Kenyon

    Special Guest Eric Kalosa-Kenyon Director of Machine Learning, Opsani

  4. Sean Isom

    Featuring Sean Isom Manager, Software Development, Adobe

What You'll Learn

  1. Adding Opsani CO ( Continuous Optimization ) to the existing CI/CD pipeline for CI/CD/CO
  2. How Opsani CO enables Kubernetes cost management
  3. How to achieve more efficiency and greater reliability with less cost and effort by including Opsani CO