Special Webinar Event Strategic Mainframe Modernization -

The Best Path Forward!


  • Micro Focus
  • Capgemini

About This Webinar

Unlock the value of your mainframe to drive Strategic Modernization of core business applications. Leverage Micro Focus and Capgemini Modernization strategies as a foundation for your Digital transformation. The maturity model journey emphasizes a non-disruptive and sustainable approach to complete digital transformation of a distributed and re-engineered environment.

Micro Focus and Capgemini seek to deliver results by protecting core application and data investments while embracing strategic mainframe initiatives. Discover how Micro Focus and Capgemini have successfully delivered game-changing value to their clients. Our Strategic Modernization process is a proven approach that achieves business objectives through all phases of legacy systems transformation.

Together Micro Focus and Capgemini are your long-term modernization partners to enable faster delivery of core business functionality to meet operational, cost and competitive pressures.

Join us to find out more!

  1. David Davis

    Host David Davis Partner & vExpert, ActualTech Media

  2. Stuart McGill

    Special Guest Stuart McGill Chief Technology Officer, Micro Focus

  3. Vineet Jha

    Special Guest Vineet Jha Senior Director, Legacy Modernization Practice, Capgemini

  4. Dhinakar Selwyn

    Special Guest Dhinakar Selwyn Global Head - Legacy Technologies and Revitalization Practice, Capgemini

What You'll Learn

  1. Why digital transformation has become a top strategic objective
  2. What is a Smart Strategic Modernization imperative
  3. How to pass Strategic Modernization Maturity Model checkpoints – application, process & infrastructure
  4. Real World Examples
  5. Deliverable Benefits - running in the new world at the new cost level.