Special Event Data Center Madness - Final Round



  • Nutanix

Clash of the Clouds

We’ve saved the most dramatic stand-off for last time to take it to the hoop and talk about the journey to the cloud for IT organizations.

  1. Stephen Foskett

    Featuring Stephen Foskett Organizer in Chief, Gestalt IT

  2. Scott D. Lowe

    Featuring Scott D. Lowe Partner, ActualTech Media

  3. Sachin Chheda

    Featuring Sachin Chheda Nutanix

  4. Paul Woodward Jr

    Featuring Paul Woodward Jr Systems Engineer, Presidio

What You'll Learn

  1. On-prem vs. Hosted Deployments:
  2. Are IT teams playing a home or away game? We’ll explore whether cloud will be a logical extension to on-prem data centers as it is in personal devices (iPhone to iCloud and Android to Gdrive) with seamless cloud extensions, or if organizations move to a cloud-first world where most of their workloads sit in the cloud.
  3. Enterprise Cloud vs. Public Cloud:
  4. When will organizations buy infrastructure and when will they rent? Is AWS the right choice for all workloads? It all comes down to this in the final stand-off.