Special Webinar Event Ejecting from the Nine Circles of Tape Hell


  • Falconstor

Design the right mix of on-premise disk, cloud and yes, tape to optimize your backup and archive ops for security, speed and cost

Tape is not dead, but the era of tape-only backup and retention is. The playing field shifted, so now it’s all about establishing the right mix of disk, tape, and cloud.

When tape-only data protection goes wrong, it feels like some cranked up the knob on the Inferno and you’ve got a career-defining moment on your hands – got a resume handy? When you rely solely on physical tape or, for that matter, solely on the cloud, for backup and long-term retention, you’re taking your first fateful steps into a life of potential misery.

Today, the focus is on merging the past, present and future into the right mix without undertaking a wholesale lift-and-shift of your data protection apparatus. That’s the way to go if you are looking for more inferno. Instead, what if you could turn down the heat by quickly shifting from all-tape approach to mix disk, tape + multi-cloud data protection? And as importantly, what if by doing that you could 10x the recoverability and security your data? Then maybe you won’t have so many nightmares that result in the 5AM wake up in hot sweat…

Join us on March 30th as FalconStor ushers unto the realm of mortal beings a tool that brings immortality to your data protection and long-term retention goals and discover the secret to right-sizing your tape environment by adopting the cloud on your terms.

  1. Scott D. Lowe

    Host Scott D. Lowe Partner, ActualTech Media

  2. Mark Delsman

    Special Guest Mark Delsman Head of Engineering, Falconstor

  3. Abdul Hashmi

    Special Guest Abdul Hashmi Head of Professional Services, Falconstor

  4. Mike Boreham

    Special Guest Mike Boreham Technical Lead, Blue Chip

What You'll Learn

  1. Discover why tape alone will lead to anger, anguish, and despair
  2. Learn how to seamlessly transition to a mix of cloud, disk and tape without a forklift and why all three targets are important
  3. Accelerate and secure your data protection operations while slashing cost immediately and keep costs down as data grows
  4. Ultimately discover how to eject yourself from the nine circles of tape hell to achieve data protection and archival nirvana via backup & recovery as a service